The Brush Collection

$65.00 AUD

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Now you can have all our brushes available as a complete set with its own caddy to travel and store these babies. With our girl maths, that's 14 varying brushes for you to up your nail art game.

Doubled ended brushes included in collection: 

💖 7mm Oval Brush/7mm Flat Brush

💖 9mm Blended Oval Brush/12mm Ombre Brush

💖 Oblique Brush/12mm Blended Flat Brush

💖 Universal Brush/3D Brush

💖 5mm Nylon Brush/7mm Nylon Brush

💖 9mm Nylon Brush/11mm Nylon Brush

💖 15mm Nylon Brush/20mm Nylon Brush

🖌️ Brushes should be cleaned with alcohol or a little acetone to remove polish residue and cap replaced to give it longer life.