Clear Carving Gel

$18.00 AUD

A 15ml clear carving gel jar to get your 3D nail art on! 

Mould and sculpt as you please with no time restraint before you cure in your UV/LED lamp. Use silicone tools to carve/sculpt and a 3D brush to create form with your sculpting. 

Cure time will vary depending on level of detail, curing in layers for larger pieces is optimal for best results. 

Cure time UV/LED: 60-120 seconds UV / 30-60 seconds LED

*use gloves when working with this product. 

💅 15ml

💅 10-free of common toxic chemicals in nail polish

💅 vegan & cruelty free 

💅 Lasts 2+ weeks 

💅 Easy to apply and remove