Frequently Asked Questions for Gel Polish



What is a gel polish manicure?

A gel polish manicure involves the application of a soft gel in polish form, creating a durable overlay on the nails that typically lasts between two to four weeks. This results in a glossy finish without the drawbacks of chipping, peeling, or cracking. When applied properly, gel polish manicures are gentle on natural nails.

In contrast to regular nail polish, gel polish requires curing, or hardening, under a UV or LED light. During curing, specific wavelengths of UV or LED light trigger a chemical reaction known as polymerization,. This process transforms the initially soft, liquid gel into a resilient, solid state. Following curing, a residual sticky layer, called the inhibition layer, remains on the solid gel. This stickiness is caused by oxygen inhibiting the surface layer's cure during polymerization. Any leftover stickiness on the nails can be easily removed by wiping with a lint-free cloth soaked in high-concentration alcohol, such as rubbing alcohol. All gel polishes are finished with a top coat which gives it that smooth, shiny finish.



How is a gel polish manicure applied?

Nail and cuticle preparation is key! Firstly, complete your comprehensive nail manicure, involving trimming, shaping, and cuticle grooming. While roughening the nail bed with a file or buffer is optional, it is not specifically required for gel polish.

Before applying gel polish, always prepare the nail bed by dehydrating and cleaning it with alcohol. The application sequence includes a base coat, two layers of gel polish colour, and a final top coat. Each layer of polish must undergo curing under a UV or LED lamp up to 60 seconds before proceeding to the next coat.

Upon completing the application, remove any residual sticky film on the nails using an alcohol. To replenish moisture after the alcohol application, our organic cuticle oil should be applied, ensuring the nails receive the necessary nourishment! 


How is my gel polish manicure removed?

To begin, eliminate the polish's shine using a file (we recommend using a hand file rather than drill file if you are not a skilled technician). Subsequently, the nails are soaked in acetone for a duration of 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, an acetone-soaked cotton ball can be directly applied to the nail and secured with aluminium foil for a similar outcome and gently scrape off the gel polish. Once removed, apply cuticle oil to your nails and cuticle for hydration and strength. 


How should I maintain my nails following a gel polish manicure?

  • Apply cuticle oil twice a day! Nourish your nail bed and maintain overall nail health by applying cuticle oil twice daily. This helps penetrate the porous gel polish, promoting health beneath the polish layer. Opt for our Juicy Oil which will your nails will soak up! 
  • Always use gloves for protection when working with potent chemicals (such as cleaners) or using tanning oils, wearing gloves is optimal for longevity. This precautionary measure helps prevent peeling or chipping of the gel polish, preserving its integrity! If you find the shine has began to dim, a very light buff on the top layer and applying a new coat of your top coat will bring back its optimum shine. 


How long will my gel polish manicure last? 

Provided you have prepped your nail and cuticle properly and followed the maintenance rules during your wear, you should get 2-4 weeks depending how well you treat your nails! 


Is it safe? 

Gel polish is safe when applied correctly and as advised. This means, ensuring you have cured your nails fully under your UV/LED light and removing it from your skin before curing. Please note that all lamp technology consists of LED light emitting UV rays. Some people prefer to wear fingerless gloves while curing, however, you can apply sunscreen on your hands 1hr before curing, however, UV emittance is extremely low. A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) can be provided to you when requested by you. 



Can I use gel polish on my thin, weak nails? 

Gel polish is versatile for all nails, particularly thin, weak nails and can assist in natural nail growth due to the protective gel layering. Gel polish is flexible on your natural nail and removal of gel polish is less invasive than other nail enhancers. Opt for organic cuticle oil, especially those with jojoba to strengthen your nail before, during and after gel polish wear.


Is it safe for children? 

Our products are not aimed for children and we advise against using gel polish due to the nails of children being different during their growth stages. We think opting for nail stickers is a much better option to let them express their self!


Can I get an allergy? 

Our gel polish is 10-free and manufactured to meet European Commission Regulations. Although Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA) is a common ingredient in both salon and at-home gel polishes, a small percentage of individuals may experience an allergic reaction. This reaction can manifest as symptoms like redness, swelling, peeling, or itching. It's important to note that when gel polish is used as directed, the risk of such a reaction is minimal. Always apply coats thinly and cure for 60 seconds. We advise using only our products together for curing compatibility.