Frequently Asked Questions for Press-on Nails


How many come in a set? 

We include 20 nails in a set, this means there is no need for sizing your nails and you will also have spares. 


What is included in my kit?

Adhesive tabs, nail glue, nail file/buffer, cuticle stick, alcohol wipe.


How are the nails made?

Our nails are all hand painted by us! We use gel-x tips and a minimum of three coats of gel polish depending on the particular design. By using gel polish and gel-x tips the nail is bendable and able to form to most nail beds with ease for a more comfortable fit. If you find the nail is a little too big on your side wall, simply file them with the included nail file to get the most comfortable fit. 


How long do the nails last? 

This is dependant on the method of adhesion and how well the nail is prepped. Using the nail glue provided will typically give you 2-3 weeks of use, this will vary depending on your daily activities.

Using the sticky adhesives tabs is for short term use and will typically give you 2-3 days of use.


Are the nails reusable? 

Yes, by using the adhesive sticky tabs you will be able to reuse your nails, making press ons very cost effective and perfect if you love switching up your look. 

If you use nail glue to apply your nails you can reuse the nails by removing them gently with warm soapy water and carefully filing of the glue on the underside of the nail. 


How do I apply the nails? 

Prepping your nails Is important to allow for optimal adhesion!

Use the provided cuticle stick to push cuticles back.

Lightly buff your nail to remove shine.

Wipe your nails using the alcohol pad to clean excess natural oils.

7-14 Day Wear:

  • Apply a layer of glue to the back of the press-on nail and to your natural nail while avoiding the side wall
  • Align the nail under your cuticle on a 45 degree angle to ensure no air bubbles will form under the nail
  • Press down firmly for at least 30 seconds on each nail.
  • Avoid washing hands for an hour
  • Always wear gloves when performing washing duties for a longer application

1-4 Day Wear:

  • Choose an adhesive tab slightly smaller than your nail and paste the adhesive tab in the center of the nail
  • use the cuticle stick to flatten the edges, and remove the protective film.
  • Align the nail under your cuticle and press down firmly for at least 10 seconds on each nail
  • Avoid washing hands for two hours
  • Always wear gloves when performing washing duties for a longer application


How do I remove the nails?

It is crucial that you remove them safely to not damage your natural nail. Do not use chemicals such as acetone as your press-on nails can be removed by using warm soapy water and gently lifting them off with a cuticle stick. You may find some remnants of glue on your nail and using a cuticle stick to scrape away any residue will help with this. Once removed, you should clean them with alcohol and store them in the original manicure kit.


Do you do customs sets? 

YES! This is our favourite way to make press on nails, we love creating bespoke nails and do this often for our customers. Contact us with your design and we can help to determine if it is a basic, fancy or supreme level nail design to purchase as a custom design.